Shadowrun – Black Ops: Bogota – Game Session 002

Game summary for April 7, 2011; present characters included Bernsen (dwarf combat mage), La Eme (troll heavy weapons specialist), Network (dwarf drone rigger), Tango (ork tank), and Vessel (troll brawler).

Several weeks after their first mission, following some drone upgrades and bioware implants, the MACHETE team found itself deployed once again. Their operation this time was codenamed STEEL HORSE ROUNDUP. The team was tasked with seeking out mercenary tactical adviser, Steel Hoof, a cyber-enhanced centaur working for Amazonia. The team was given the following objectives:

Primary Objectives

  • Steel Hoof – Capture Steel Hoof alive and return him to the extraction point.
  • Data Recovery – Collect any potentially valuable intelligence from the encampment.

Secondary Objectives

  • Complete Extraction – Leave the location with all members of the team, alive or dead. No allied bodies should be left behind as evidence.
  • Enemy Demographics – Gather photographic and DNA evidence from each slain enemy for record keeping.
  • Misinformation – Plant a “dropped” commlink with incriminating evidence against Shiawase.
  • Sabotage – Destroy as much weaponry, ammunition, or other military assets as possible.

The team dropped in via cargo helicopter with Network’s GMC Beachcraft hovercraft. They proceeded a couple miles upriver and then headed into enemy territory. The sound of war could be heard all around, with automatic fire tapping an echoing staccato rhythm among the trees, and occasion grenades shaking the canopy. Tango relayed his experiences with Amazonia encampments and defenses to the rest of the team as they tried to slink through the foliage. Unfortunately, Vessel proved less than adept at stealth, snagging his weapon on a limb and discharging several rounds into the jungle. Within moments, a small unit of Amazonia forces were upon them. Large warform Brazilian mastiffs, genetically enhanced canines, burst through the leaves and closed the distance. Male elf and dwarf soldiers closed in, while a female human Amazon moved through the trees. Battle ensued, with the dogs proving no more than a nuisance against military-grade armor and assault rifles. The MACHETE team scythed through the opposition, but they took a few bumps and bruises themselves. As they sat around patching each other up, reinforcements arrived.

Led by an elf Amazon, the second team brought much more firepower to bear. Several switched to full-auto fire with their AK-97 assault rifles. The MACHETE team responded with magic from Bersen, a hail of bullets, and a number of launched and thrown grenades. A couple of the grenades bounced off course in the dense vegetation, including one thrown by La Eme, and soon everyone on the battlefield was scrambling about to avoid fragmentation or armor debonder. Network’s Doberman drone proved a deadly force, dropping yet another dwarf soldier. Tango shot up the elf Amazon while Vessel wrecked havoc on an ork soldier. Once again, the battle proved short but violent. The MACHETE team walked away bruised but largely unhurt.

Network quickly videoed each of the slain Amazonians, while Vessel took blood samples from each. Then, the team set off deeper into the jungle in search of Steel Hoof’s encampment.

The above summary is for a game session of Shadowrun: 20th Anniversary Edition played by the Phoenix Gaming Club.

Shadowrun – Black Ops: Bogota – Game Session 001

Game summary for March 29, 2011; present characters included Bernsen (dwarf combat mage), Network (dwarf drone rigger), Tango (ork tank), and Vessel (troll brawler).

The MACHETE black ops team went on a quick shoot-and-loot mission into enemy Amazonia territory on behalf of Aztechnology. The team inserted into the jungle via a watercourse using Network’s chameleon coated GMC Beachcraft patrol hovercraft. Network stayed in the cloaked “safety” of her onboard rigger cocoon but jumped-in to a GM-Nissan Doberman crawler drone. The team moved into the jungle seeking a small group of Amazonia guerrillas. Network had programmed a MCT Fly-Spy drone to scout several meters ahead scanning for movement. Eventually, the discovered a trio of guerrillas approaching. Vessel moved beside a tree, dropped down, and began setting up the tripod for his Stoner-Ares M202 medium machine gun. Network advanced her Doberman drone while Bernsen used a sustaining focus to hang Increase Reflexes on himself. Tango stood in the relative open and tried to lob a mini-grenade from his launcher in the middle of the approaching troops. Unfortunately, the ordnance was caught in some branches and detonated short of the target, blowing down a tree and clearing some line of sight. The three guerrillas advanced quickly, firing short bursts from their AK-97s as they came. They focused fire on the troll setting up the machine gun! A quick firefight ensued, and Bernsen cast a force 5 Fireball amongst the rebels. One burned to death and another suffered grievous injury. Before he could retreat, gunfire cut him and his other ally down.

The MACHETE team advanced further into the jungle and found the remaining five guerrillas, one of whom was an ork lieutenant. Vessel pulled his tonfa and charged one of the orks. Network began a steady stream of short bursts, and Tango opened up with his grenade launcher. This time, he drew a bead on one of the approaching orks and shot him square with a HE grenade. The blast injured the ork and his ally, but most of the trauma was absorbed by armor and pure ork meanness. The ork yelled “Nice shot!” and fired a return grenade from his AK-98. Unfortunately, after arming, the grenade sprung back from a limb and landed behind the ork and his elf ally. More fragments embedded in the ork’s armor, and he staggered about from the back-to-back blasts.

Bernsen rushed forward into battle with his monofilament sword while Vessel began a beatdown on the ork. Several of the enemy focused burst fire on Tango. Fortunately, his armor held, but he was beginning to weaken beneath the barrage. He managed to maintain some composure and place extremely accurate (and deadly) single shots. Network continued to wear down foes with her drone-mounted AK-97 assault rifle, including killing one of the foes engaging Bernsen. The combat mage took advantage of the space and cast Flamethrower, immolating an enemy and putting him down. Vessel finished his clubbing, and the team mopped up the remaining foes.

Although a success the team learned some valuable information on how they work together. They also got their first measure of the forces aligned against them. Overall the mission proved a good test and helped cement the PCs as a team.

The above summary is for a game session of Shadowrun: 20th Anniversary Edition played by the Phoenix Gaming Club.

Shadowrun Adventure – Food Fight 4.0

Our first game using Shadowrun 4th Edition rules was this Saturday at Halloween Hootenanny II. The game was played using three pregenerated characters, a human street samurai, an ork hacker, and a troll bounty hunter. The group named themselves JNC (pronounced “jinx”) for their names Jazz, Ned and Chuck. JNC found themselves, at 4:00 a.m., in the local Stuffer Shack looking for snacks. As they shopped, an elf woman and her baby came into the store, and a moment later the whole front of the building exploded. The blast knocked everyone prone and buried the woman and child in the rubble. A trio of Helloweener gang members came running in waving guns and shouting for everyone to stay on the ground.

Never ones to follow orders, JNC had other plans. Chuck the troll walked over and put some of his Aztec-Mex “meltdown” stuffers in the microwave, which caused one of the gang members to brandish an Ares Predator IV in his face and yell at him to get down. Ned the Nerd decided to hack the Stuffer Shack node and drop the lights around him and his companions but leave them on around the gangers. Afterward, Ned slipped through the AlmostMilk(TM) rack and out into the storage room. Meanwhile, Jazz drew her katana and slipped over near the ganger shaman who was standing in the darkness sifting through the rubble. Chuck, as stealthy as a troll can be (which is to say, “not at all”), drew his smartlinked shotgun and aimed it at the ganger.

Naturally, a firefight erupted. Chuck was shot twice, once by the pistol-wielding ganger and again by the other one holding the AK-97. Due to his armor skin and natural toughness, Chuck was not greatly injured. The gang shaman sparked some mojo to make a sheet of ice appear beneath Chuck’s feet, but he was able to balance. The other two gangers took cover and began a shootout with Chuck. Jazz slipped up on the shaman and decapitated him with ease. She then threw his severed head out into the light to demoralize the other two. Meanwhile, Ned hacked the cameras and found they had been turned off, so he started watching outside. He found that another ganger was lying dazed on the parking lot. Chuck dove for cover behind some of the potatoish chips, and Jazz charged out and impaled the pistol-wielding ganger and killed him. With his morale broken, the remaining Helloweener ran off and abandoned his companion in the parking lot.

JNC pulled the woman from the rubble and found out she was trying to blackmail a corp VP named Mel Cozi because the baby was their love child. Smelling profits, they kidnapped her and the dazed ganger in the parking lot. They interrogated the ganger with some “not torture” methods that he did not survive. They then went about trying to gather some DNA from Mel to prove the child was his.

After some doing, JNC used the cover of a Strip-O-Gram truck to slip into Mel’s neighborhood and break into his house. Chuck’s stealth alerted the maid, so he had to punch her in the face and knock her out. Unfortunately, her flying body knocked some drywall loose too. Oh well, Chuck accomplished his goal of shutting her up. He then ran upstairs to steal some hair from Mel’s hair brush. In the meantime, Jazz went to find Mel’s office while Ned hacked the safe remotely and turned it off. Jazz found Mel’s guard dog and had to shoot it. After the heist, they left the neighborhood after a brief run in with the security guard. Fortunately, Ned’s hacking got them through the gates.

After proving Mel’s parenthood, JNC called him up to setup a drop for the blackmail money. They demanded 100,000 nuyen, because they now had genetic proof. They setup a drop and demanded Mel bring the money in a black duffel. Mel showed up and put the bag in the backseat of a vehicle Ned controlled remotely. JNC had no plans of turning over the elf woman, even though they had agreed to do so. Instead, they took off with the money.

In another warehouse, later that night, JNC pulled the duffel from the car. At that point, they realized they had never seen the money, only the bag. The group backed way off while Jazz opened the bag. Unfortunately, Mel was as wicked as the shadowrunners, and Jazz blew into a bloody mess as the bomb within exploded. Ned saw red (and he was angry) and decided they would make Mel pay, but that is a story for another day.

Shadowrun Plans

Once again, I’ve turned my eyes to the Shadowrun role-playing game with hopes of getting a game going this year. I’m very impressed with the 4th edition rules and found some very exciting upcoming releases on FanPro’s web site. I am particularly interested in Augmentation; the cyberware books have always been my favorite Shadowrun releases.